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Birmingemo gauja / Peaky Blinders (4 Sezonas)(2017) online

23/05/2018, 20:16

Birmingemo gauja / Peaky Blinders (4 Sezonas)(2017) online

Metai: 2017
Žanras: Kriminalinis, Drama, Serialas
Režisierius: Steven Knight
Aktoriai: Cillian Murphy, Paul Anderson, Helen McCrory, Sophie Rundle, Ned Dennehy, Joe Cole...
Kalba: Lietuvių

A British ganagster saga set in 1919 post-war Birmingham. Cillian Murphy is Thomas Shelby, leader of the most feared and powerful local gang, the Peaky Blinders. Named for their practice of sewing razor blades into the peaks of their caps, they make money from illegal betting, protection and the black market. But when a crate of guns goes missing from an arms factory, their battle-hardened leader recognizes an opportunity to move up in the world.


Pridėta 4 serija LT
1 serija (Lietuvių k.)
2 serija (Lietuvių k.)
3 serija (Lietuvių k.)
4 serija (Lietuvių k.)
5 serija (Lietuvių sub.)
6 serija (Lietuvių sub.)
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