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Ukraina - ne viešnamis / Ukraine Is Not A Brothel (2013) online
18/01/2016, 21:24

Ukraina - ne viešnamis / Ukraine Is Not A Brothel (2013) online
Metai: 2013
Žanras: Dokumentika
Aktoriai: Inna Shevchenko, Sasha Shevchenko, Anna Hutsol
Režisierius: Kitty Green
Kalba: Lietuvių

Aprašymas: Ukraines topless feminist sensation Femen has stirred up a press frenzy across Europe. Outraged by the worlds image of Ukrainian women as either brides for sale or commodities of sex tourism, Femen bare their breasts in protest in order to disrupt this perception and agitate these brutal patriarchal forces. Now, for the first time, Ukraine Is Not A Brothel offers an intimate glimpse inside the worlds most provocative feminist organisation. A movement that began in the snow-filled streets of a corrupt, post-Soviet Ukraine, Femens naked war against patriarchy is gaining momentum across Europe. But before they take the world by storm, these bold and beautiful women must first confront the perverse and contradictory forces that power their own titillating feminist organisation.



Kategorija: Dokumentika | | Nuorodos: Dokumentika, viešnamis, Ne, Ukraina, (2013), Not, is, online, Ukraine, Brothel
Peržiūrėjo: 871 | Siuntėsi: 142 | Reitingas: 5.0/ 1
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